EYFS Framework & National Curriculum for England

As a school we  follow the Early Years Framework for children in Reception and the National Curriculum for England for children in KS1 (Years 1 & 2).

Where we use schemes of work these are in line with the aims and content that are set out in the EYFS Framework and National Curriculum.

To find out more about the EYFS Framework and National Curriculum please click on the links below:




You can find out more about the way we deliver the National Curriculum at South End Infant School for each individual subject by clicking on each subject's page. Here you will find information about each subject's curriculum intent statement, curriculum maps, useful links and more.

Curriculum Statement


At South End Infant School, our curriculum is designed to be rich in meaningful first hand experiences and early language development. We recognise the varied starting points of the children and the power of early language and literacy in allowing children to access learning across the curriculum both in their early childhood and throughout their learning journey.


The curriculum in all year groups is built on a strong commitment to the personal and social development of our young learners in conjunction with progressing their skills and deepening their knowledge. 


We have a restless drive and aspiration to ensure that the curriculum enables continued readiness for the next stages of development and education, and improves the life chances of each all children; adapting provision to meet the needs of different groups and individuals. This means that we remain responsive to ways in which we can keep both the local community and the interests of our learners central to curriculum content and review. 


The attributes we most want to instil in our learners are described best in our school logo: