School Governance.

If you are passionate about, and understand the importance of education then we would be interested in hearing from you. The best way to understand and positively influence your child’s education is to be part of it. This, of course, starts at home and South End is built on this partnership with you, the ‘grown ups’ and the schools passion for continuing to nurture your precious little ones, but it needn’t end with your child… these times, I think we all have become more aware that giving back to your local community is important and this extends to schools.

The stated objectives of all school governing bodies are to;

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Hold school leadership to account with respect to performance of the school (incl staff and pupils).
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school.

In a nut-shell, we are there to make sure the school is well run, lead and managed, and help direct and guide staff to get the best results and outcomes for every single child that attends SEIS. This includes setting policies, agreeing plans and budgets, reviewing performance and even recruitment.

We are from a very diverse range of backgrounds, which helps in covering all aspects of school life, from Health & Safety and Finance through every subject, to pupil well-being and Staffing.

Full training is given and the role does require some commitment to attend meetings and visit the school (often virtually in these times) to ensure the above is carried out, but the role is a rewarding and incredibly vital one.

If you are interested in this role, please do email ………


Governor Portrait

Name: Chris Allan

Area of responsibility – Finance Chair, Health & Safety, Maths.

I became involved in school governance because both of my girls attended SEIS. I have a strong belief in Education being the key to unlocking opportunities in later life and also a sense of giving something back and being involved in the local community. I work in team management in manufacturing, so my areas of responsibility are a natural fit with this. Learning how the school function and measure it’s performance have been really interesting, and I’ve been keen to lend a hand with practical help with Health & Safety matters, none more so than controlling covid risks recently in testing times for the school.

It’s great to get to know the staff better and I can personally reassure you that there are no more passionate about getting the best for every child, than the staff here. They go above and beyond: to see them personally delivering packages and work in their own time, to the doors of every single child isolating at home at times this past year, has been truly humbling. Being part of the school governing body has helped me to develop personally, in that I can see problems that could be solved using tools and skills from my career and applying them in a completely new environment, but it has also given me experience of areas of management that I had previously not been exposed to.