Online Safety

At South End Infant School we learn about Online Safety using CEOP and NSPCC resources.  We take part, every February, in Safer Internet Day.  We are Cyber Smart!

Our most recent Online Safety learning has been about our School Rules, which our Cyber Crew and School Council team devised.  We talked about keeping our personal information safe, online videos and who to talk to if we see something we do not like.  We know how to report our concerns or worries. 

During Safer Internet Day, we discussed PEGI Ratings (Age Ratings).


You can find the PEGI Rating assembly PowerPoint & Cyber School Rules on this page.




Jessie and Friends Video Guides For 4-7 Year Olds


At South End Infant School we use the ThinkUKnow guides and CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) resources. 

Visit the ThinkUKnow website and have a look at the videos.  Meet Jessie and Friends...




Filtering and Parental Controls - Tips/information.


Follow the link below to find out how to ensure your internet access is appropriate for your young people (BT, Sky, Virgin, Talk Talk) -


Devices and specific apps/games -





Choosing the right game or app with your child. PEGI Ratings.


The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. A PEGI 3 game will not contain any inappropriate content, but can sometimes be too difficult to master for younger children. Reversely, there are PEGI 18 games that are very easy to play, yet they contain elements that make them inappropriate for a younger audience.