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The Early Years Foundation Stage - What To Expect When

South End Infant School Phonics Overview

How We Learn To Read - Synthetic Phonics Information

Video clips explaining phonics learning:


Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Quick Description:


Segmenting and Blending Info Video


In depth description and progression into Year 1 and 2.

Phonics Phase 2 (phonemes)

Phonics Phase 3 (phonemes)

Phonics: Pure Sounds

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It is important children learn letter sounds first, before names, to allow them to sound out to read.

Phonics: Digraphs and Trigraphs Pronunciation

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Digraph - 2 letters which make one sound. Trigraph - 3 letters which make one sound.

Phonics: CVC Blending

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Blending phonemes (letter sounds) to read.


Learning Rainbow Words To Help Us Read & Spell:


Throughout the school we have sets of sight words to learn to read on sight (not by sounding out) and spell from memory in our independent writing.

 In each year group there are 7 sets of words to learn, red through to violet.  See file below:

Reading Scheme Books


Our reading scheme/colour band books match our class phonic learning.  The books match the order in which we teach letters and sounds.  The first sounds (phonemes) we teach are s,a,t,p,i,n.  The first reading band books we allocate mirror this.  The colour book allocation changes as your child progresses in phonics and with Rainbow Word learning; growing confident, successful readers. 

We also look at comprehension, discussing illustrations and story plot.  We talk about how the story might end and ask if they like the book and/or characters.

If you need any extra reading information or support, please pop in and see the EYFS team.




Pencil grip and lower case letter formation.  We learn to write in lower case, only using capital letters for the beginning of a name or sentence.  In September we will be using a programme from Kinetic Letters.


More information coming soon!






Maths (Number, Shape and Measure)

Visit White Rose Maths to view the resources on which we base our curriculum: